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Russ John’s is an extraordinary producer and content creator. His committed to quality delivery and genuine relationships exceeds all expectations

Liz lawless

I can't recommend Russ highly enough. I knew nothing about starting a podcast and am not a technical person! 

Now I have a show…

Scott Woodworth

Russ is Amazing. First of all, he has the best name ever! :-) I have had the pleasure of working with Russ doing Livestreaming. He has been a great mentor and an amazing friend.

Russ Hedge

Thought Leaders, this is your Call-to-Action: Reach out to Russ!
He is a top-notch Livestreaming Podcast Host, who knows how to blast your message out to the stratosphere. 

Erika warfield

About Russ Johns

Russ is a content creator and technology enthusiast. He is certified in Dubb Training, Livestreaming, Podcasting and Content Creation.
Russ believes that everyone has something valuable to share with the world, and he enjoys helping people find their voice and share their message. He has been a coach and a trainer for over a decade and worked with fortune 100 companies as will as solopreneurs.
When he's not creating content or helping others create theirs, Russ can be found exploring new technologies or spending time with his family.

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